$99 for Sclerotherapy Spider & Varicose Vein Treatment ($499 Value)

December 6, 2011

Roadmaps are great for finding your way around your kid’s college campus, providing shade at amusement parks and figuring out which beach is closest when your GPS battery dies. However, roadmaps on your legs, constructed of villainous veins set on sabotaging your short-wearing ability, are much less helpful. Don’t cancel your road-trip, your legs will be ready for strolling in shorts in no time with today’s deal for 80% off a Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment from Tampa’s prestigious Lecada Medical Artistry.

This minimally invasive treatment session works to safely eliminate spider and varicose veins that have been linked to heredity, pregnancy, weight gain, long periods of standing and certain medications. Eradicating unsightly veins from your legs, ankles, hips, face, breast and even hands, sclerotherapy uses injections into the veins to cause them to close and eventually seal shut. The relatively painless procedure takes only 15-30 minutes and requires no downtime.

Lecada Medical Artistry is the Bay Area?s leading body sculpting and aesthetic medicine center, offering innovative treatments that provide aesthetic and anti-aging solutions designed to help you look and feel your best. It?s safe, effective treatments for cosmetic enhancement and rejuvenation provide natural results for your face and body.

Lecada Medical Artistry is operated by Dr. Caroline Lomboy, DO and Dr. ?Leanne Cross, MD. Dr. Lomboy is a nationally and internationally sought after body sculpting physician and pioneer of cutting-edge treatments. Dr. Cross graduated medical school in the top two percentile in the nation on the Medical Licensing Exam. In addition to years of intensive experience as a non-surgical aesthetic physician, she has also completed advanced training in techniques in new and emerging aesthetic procedures.

Stop letting multi-legged spider veins sabotage your short-wearing. With today’s deal for 80% off Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment, you’ll quickly be ready to slip back into your favorite pair of cute cut-offs!

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